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Subscribing to a podcast is the BEST way to go!  Subscribing means you no longer have to click on the web address, or surf around looking for the content you want.  When you subscribe, So Local Pasco will deliver the latest podcast directly to your computer, tablet, or other mobile device.

Me, every day
Me, every day

iTunes is the mother of all podcast subscription services (podcasts are actually NAMED podcasts because of the Apple “iPod” music player).  iTunes is available to Apple product users, as well as Windows users…The stand alone player is used by many people who use PCs with the Windows operating system.  To subscribe using iTunes, simply click the iTunes link on this page!  If that doesn’t work, open your iTunes Player, or search the iTunes player for our podcast using the search term “So Local Pasco”.  Here is what it looks like in MY iTunes player:

iTunes screen cap
This is how the So Local Podcast appears in my iTunes player…Look for the yellow/orange microphone graphic.

The other ‘major player’ in portable devices and mobile phones is the Android operating system…Which has it’s own apps, systems, and methods.  Not that that makes it more difficult to access our podcasts, it’s just a slightly different process.

Greg is an Android phone user (he uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and a Samsung tablet), and uses a program called Player FM.  There are a BUNCH of decent podcast players…Player FM allows you to browse hundreds of podcasts in dozens of categories.

Player FM is our "Go To" podcast subscription app and player.
Player FM is our “Go To” podcast subscription app and player.

There is a handy primer available elsewhere on this website, that helps explain what other player and feed options are available to you.

If you are old fashioned, and prefer email, you can subscribe via email, again, using the link on this page.

If there is a delivery method you use that you DON’T see, call or email and let us know…Heck, if you’re local I’ll come by and yell the podcast script out the car window!

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