Catching Up On the Medical Cannabis Issue: Our Tour of the Trulieve Dispensary with County Commissioner Mike Wells and County Staff.

Monday was a good day. We toured the Trulieve Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Clearwater, along with County Commissioner Mike Wells, Jr., and Pasco County Government staffers.

This was the culmination of our efforts to get the County Commission to actually learn what happens at a dispensary, as opposed to what they were told happened at dispensaries.  I am very happy to report that a lot was learned.  Good questions were asked.  Some fear were allayed, and some myths busted.

And that, frankly, was all I wanted:  At the end of the day, the Pasco County Commission may decide that there shouldn’t be medical cannabis dispensaries in our county.  I’d be disappointed, because I think there will be an economic benefit…But I would be TRULY angry if I felt like the BOCC didn’t give the idea a fair hearing.  I think they might have tried to ‘slip by’ the people, had we not become interested in the first medical cannabis moratorium discussion in July.  You can watch a video of that, here:

July 2016 Medical Cannabis Moratorium Workshop, Board of County Commissioners.

The early August BOCC Meeting gave folks a chance to show the commissioners that “Those folks” were OUR folks.  Over a dozen people spoke to the board about their personal and professional experiences with medical cannabis. Some negative, but overwhelmingly in support of medical cannabis availability in Pasco County.  I was among those that addressed the commissioners, and it was the first time I have ever done so.

August 2016 BOCC meeting in Dade City…Fast forward to around 224 minutes to hear the testimony of members of the public.

The second workshop, held last week, shows the beginnings of a change in the attitude of Commissioner Starkey, who asked challenging questions of the staffers and invited speakers.

September 20th, 2016 Medical Cannabis Workshop

Which all lead to our tour of Trulieve, today.  Listen to the podcast for details of that tour.

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Link to Trulieve

Link to the Florida Dept of Health Office of Compassionate Use

Thanks to all those who have helped me cover this story…And special thanks to Commissioner Mike Wells, Jr., and the county staff that made the effort to get out and learn more.



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