Our Homeless Deserve Better, and We Can Do Better. So Local Pasco, September 12th, 2016.

John 3:17 “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother (anyone) in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

I finally got to go out with The Messengers of Hope Mission volunteers.  I wish I could tell you it made me feel good.  I wish I could tell you I feel they are making great progress in ending homelessness.  But it didn’t, and they aren’t.


I know that these amazing people are doing what they do with humility and grace.  That they sincerely want to be put out of business.  To wake up, one day, and find out we took up the cause and ended homelessness.  That IS within our grasp. Other states, using new methods and approaches, ARE ending homelessness.  Did you know that?

Read about Utah’s plan to end homelessness by 2017

But the beat goes on.  Homeless people we spoke to told us they feel marginalized…Boxed into certain neighborhoods, isolated from services and jobs.  This was especially true of the people we spoke to in Moon Lake.

While I applaud ANYONE who has the desire and does the work to end homelessness, what we are doing is not working, is not enough, and sometimes makes the lives of the homeless HARDER.  Why are we doing those things?  Why were we so quick to applaud the recent ban on ‘panhandling’ which included newspaper sales?  It has made the lives of our most vulnerable citizens more difficult.

Messengers of Hope is doing work that is inspired by the highest Christian ideal:  Service to the poor.  Better treatment of “the least of these”.  Please support their work, by donating time, materials, and most importantly, money to keep them going.

Link to Messengers of Hope,  including the donations page.

But I am going to ask you for MORE.  INSIST that your county commission, your city council, your state and federal governments work harder to eliminate homelessness.

We are bickering over $650,000 for BOAT RAMPS, while children sleep in the woods.  We can do better.  We MUST do better.

4 thoughts on “Our Homeless Deserve Better, and We Can Do Better. So Local Pasco, September 12th, 2016.”

  1. Thank you for trying to bring the awareness of this issue to the masses, Greg. As you mentioned spending money on beautification projects, developing useless amenities strictly for tourism purposes or visitors here in FL – what about the residence? The communities? We are out and about quite a bit and can say that some of our communities are in shambles – disarray. Also, we have helped many homeless who have pets, they lost their homes due to foreclosure and the entire family picked up and left and had not where to go – why wouldn’t the banks want to work with people instead of seeing a home sit there empty forever instead of keeping a family in it and working on payment plans for them. It is just a mess if you ask us, there needs to be an agenda more fitting to what is going on. Just our opinion as always.

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