NEWSFLASH! Port Richey Makes a Positive Step. So Local Pasco Podcast, August 24th, 2016.


The City of Port Richey, Tuesday night, approved an ordinance decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis (less than 20 grams) by adults.  They become, as far as we can tell, the smallest municipality in Florida to do so.

The intent of the ordinance is to save police resources for more serious crimes, and to attempt to reduce the crippling stigma attached to having a drug arrest on one’s record.  A drug arrest can have a massive impact on a person’s ability to land a good job, or to serve in the military, or even to keep one’s college funding.  I know of one young man here in Pasco County who lost his enrollment at an aviation school due to police finding ONE marijuana seed in his car.  At the time, he was a shift supervisor at a local restaurant, AND a full time enrollee in college.

At a recent City Council meeting, I was chided by a Port Richey resident for “never saying positive things” about Port Richey.  I was saddened by that…She claims to not get the internet…So I have to assume someone TOLD HER I never said nice things about Port Richey. So…If you know Mrs. Spalding, let her know I said this:

While I have concerns about some of the decisions and directions taken by the Mayor of Port Richey, and by city management, cannabis decriminalization is a POSITIVE step…A sign of developing tolerance for sane, just marijuana policy.  I congratulate the City Council for taking this step.

You can get information on the ordinance, and watch the video of the Port Richey City Council meeting by clicking on this text or the video, below.

I’d also like to take a moment and congratulate Garyn Angel…He was one of our guests on So Local Pasco, Tuesday.  He has worked very hard to show City officials the enormous potential UPside to cannabis, as a medicine, and a mostly harmless therapeutic substance.

Here’s an excellent article from the Marijuana Policy Project about decriminalization in Florida:

Decriminalization in Florida Happening City by City


That's Laura. No, on the left, silly.
That’s Laura. No, on the left, silly.

That breaking story bumped Laura down to second place (sorry, kid!).  Laura Sherrod Pence makes her debut, today, as our music and art reporter.  Moving forward, she will be responsible for packaging a once weekly feature, to air Wednesday, giving you information about upcoming art and music events!

Laura is well connected to the local scene, and attends a TON of music and culture events…Far more than me.  She’s the perfect person for the job, and we know her weekly reports will get better every week.  Contact Laura with information about YOUR upcoming gigs and events…REMEMBER!  Her segment will AIR on Wednesday, but you should get her the information two weeks in advance.

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I was out early this morning to attend a news conference at the West Pasco County Government Center…There was an announcement today that Mettler Toledo will be building and staffing an industrial facility adjacent to the Veterans Parkway in Lutz.  The facility will be 250,000 square feet, and will be home to more than 500 employees.

Mettler Toledo Safeline is a worldwide leader in the field of check-weighing, industrial metal detection, and x-ray inspection systems for food, pharmaceutical, and packaged consumer goods.

Kudos to our county Economic Development team for bringing home a large industrial player!

County officials and managers from Mettler Toledo, announcing the new facility in Lutz.
County officials and managers from Mettler Toledo, announcing the new facility in Lutz.

Last word:  Let’s keep an eye on the tropics, as Invest 99L will be in the vicinity of Florida in the next 4-6 days!

99L track guidance 8 24 16


2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH! Port Richey Makes a Positive Step. So Local Pasco Podcast, August 24th, 2016.”

  1. greg Please let the public know, Be very careful smoking pot in port richey, arrests are about to increase,this was my argument

    lets use a example , peolpe stop at durney key and light up,fwc stops and hauls you to jail.. durney key is owned by the citizens of the state..(you) not port richey. They must follow state law and arrest you.
    Young peolpe get no break at all/ this is entrapment
    please put out the word , bay news 9 is reporting wrong(pasco county) they write in there headlines.
    former mayor Mark Abbott concerned about all the peolpe who are being misinformed.

    Be wise stop in city hall get a copy of ordinance from tammy (city clerk) and read it…. very confusing

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