Saturday Music Cast Number FIFTEEN! Special Edition: Local Originals Only, Today!

The musician's corner at Spare Room Studio.
The musician’s corner at Spare Room Studio.

One of the things I set out to do was show that we had the potential for a vibrant, varied local music scene.  We do!  Even before we started, I knew there were a few songwriters, around.

I’m very proud of this podcast, today.  A few reasons:

1) It represents my learning curve in recording live performances by acoustic musicians (and even a few more technical tricks, as well).

2) Almost all of these tracks were recorded on two microphones, feeding signal to a simple analog mixer, and then onto recording media.  In this case, direct to PC hard drive.  For the most part, these are recordings YOU could make, in YOUR home, with minimal gear.  That should encourage you to make your OWN show.

3) All of these are original songs!  Are you kidding?  Do you know that most bar owners discourage original songs?  They want it to be soothing background music for your drinking.  The OPPOSITE of what has always made live music great.  Think about the LEGENDARY music bars, even just a couple in L.A.  I don’t think anybody ever went to the Troubador to hear James Taylor play cover tunes.  I don’t think anybody ever said, “Let’s go to the Whiskey (a gogo), and see that band the Doors do Bill Haley covers!”


The one thing I want for us is to have venues that support ORIGINAL local music projects, at a rate of more than “You can slip an original in if it’s quiet.”  Screw that.  Sorry, bar owners.  You’ve lulled yourselves into that placid sleep that pretends it knows.  We are WAITING for a break out venue that encourages original music!

Contact the artists in this podcast!

Ian Doubt
Danielle Mohr
Alex Centeno
Dave Eichenberger
Athan Monk
Corey Cottrell
Mike Nunes

2 thoughts on “Saturday Music Cast Number FIFTEEN! Special Edition: Local Originals Only, Today!”

  1. Awesome pod cast! Love hearing the original music of these talented young people! I’m a bit biased as Michael is my son but damn I just boast with pride when I hear him! ❤

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