Less Politics, More Art. Culture Bomb Incoming…Edison Reaves Interview, August 11th, 2016

A Lot Going On, Out There!

We start tonight’s show with a rundown of some fun upcoming events…Music, street parties, and art showings.  Good times!

As many of you know, I’ve been spending Tuesdays at the West Side Deli in Counsel Square, across from the government center on Little Road…Where I meet and interview guests for the show.  Last Tuesday, we had TWO artists drop in…Dino DeBernardinis, who makes tank drums…You heard his interview last week.  The other artist is a photographer and painter I’ve been bumping into for several months…We first met at the Relay For Life Concert in Sims Park.

Edison is originally from near Clarksdale, Mississippi…Those of you who are fans of blues music and folk art will know that Clarksdale is where the infamous “Crossroads” is, where Robert Johnson allegedly made his deal with the devil for fortune and fame.  Edison’s journey took him from there to New Orleans, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and now, here.  I’ve been enjoying his photography for months, and he gave me a really nice photo enlargement to hang here in the Spare Room…Very proud to have it!

Here’s a peek at some of his work:

Coming up NEXT Friday, “A Night in the Tropics”, downtown New Port Richey!

We'll be downtown early, catching a few interviews.
We’ll be downtown early, catching a few interviews.


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