“These are OUR People.” A Day to Humanize Medical Cannabis Patients, Aug 10, 2016.

Yes, But Did We Win?

So…Long, long day.  I forgot to say in the podcast.  But, yes, I think we did.  I think the Pasco Board of County Commissioners was moved, Tuesday, by the patients and caregivers who testified.  I think they spent the week scrambling to verify the ‘facts’ presented by the PCSO and staff…And found there was a lot of information they were not given.  That some of what they were given was flawed, or incomplete, or even incoherent.  I certainly found that in a two hour Google frenzy last week, when I was given the Sheriff’s report, so I could check citations.

Now What?

I’m glad you asked.  Here’s what happens next:  The County Commission meets on August 23rd, in New Port Richey, to vote on extending the moratorium on cannabis dispensaries through December 31st, 2016.  And they may extend it…But it was pretty clear, Tuesday that the ‘moratorium’ was never intended to be a way for the BOCC to avoid making a decision on dispensaries…It was intended to give the staff, the board, code enforcement and law enforcement time to make a plan to implement medical cannabis dispensaries.

The Tuesday hearing clearly showed there is broad support among residents to end the moratorium, and begin planning on how to permit dispensaries.  Which still may not happen.

Here’s a link to a Facebook video of all the testimony, captured by Garyn Angel’s video guys…Sorry it’s only one audio channel.

But WHAT Did We Win?

The Board still has the option of denying medical cannabis dispensaries in Pasco County.  Even if they do that, medical cannabis patients will simply have to get their medicine delivered from counties that made a plan, thought ahead, and allowed dispensaries.  Those counties will benefit by creating new jobs, serving citizens, and helping medical cannabis patients feel less like junkies and freaks.

So we won a little time to show the board how to say yes.  That’s a good start.

This will be my last word on this for a few days…Because I am passionate about this issue, and have a personal stake, it risks becoming some sort of obsessive mission, and I really don’t want that.  If something earth shaking happens, or a super compelling story comes up, we’ll cover it…But expect our friend Corey at The Baboon Room to carry more interviews than we do hear, at So Local Pasco.

I’m very tired. I’m off to bed.  More good stuff on So Local Pasco, tomorrow.

Thanks to all you warriors fighting the good fight.  Thanks for showing me how to help humanized medical cannabis patients.

A very tire So Local Pasco Podcast Guy, celebrating a feeling of accomplishment.  Still awake, 12 hours after this photo.
A very tire So Local Pasco Podcast Guy, celebrating a feeling of accomplishment. Still awake, 12 hours after this photo.


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