Big Numbers, Small Egos, Overwhelming Gratitude


Eight hundred people listened, watched, or read So Local Pasco content, on Wednesday. That is a HUGE number, and our biggest number, to date.  It tells us a lot about what you want and expect from So Local Pasco…You seem to like it when we get a little edgy, and make a little scene.  And we LOVE YOU for that, because we like making a scene and being edgy.  We’re GOOD at it, too, you just wait and see.

I took some time, Wednesday night, to bask in the community.  I am AT a lot of events, but for me, many of them are work.  I feel like I sometimes miss opportunities to just sit and enjoy things.  The New Port Richey Community and Drum Circle has become a very comfortable place for me to unwind, sit, and take it all in.  A LOT of folks who contribute to the spirit of our community come to this event, now held twice a month.

These early photos don't show the numbers...By sunset, around 40 people were participating.
These early photos don’t show the numbers…By sunset, around 40 people were participating.



Thanks, all for joining me on this journey…The adventure continues, tomorrow!


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