“Lemme Get Back To You On That…” So Local Pasco, July 20th, 2016. Barry For Pasco Edition

I’ve really been enjoying my Tuesday mornings at The West Side Deli, on Little Road.  Bob and Deb are such fun…And they really work hard to make that a fun, happy place to be.  Today, I had The Jersey…A Breakfast sandwich made with egg, cheese, a Kaiser roll, and (watch, this is how you start a war…) Taylor Ham, or Pork Roll.

"It's Taylor Ham!" "It's PORK ROLL!" *fight begins*
“It’s Taylor Ham!”
*fight begins*

Depending on WHERE in Jersey you are from, it can be called either thing.  Amazing sandwich, great folks.

So Local Pasco has only endorsed ONE local candidate, this season, and it’s Barry Horvath.  We know Barry to be kind, funny, and a terrific asset to our community.  His charitable giving is legendary, and we think he’ll make a fine county commissioner.

He joined us today for a chat about the campaign, and other issues facing Pasco County.

I’m going to keep the blog post short, tonight….Follow the link below to read up on Barry, and maybe contribute to his campaign:

Barry for Pasco Website

Always fun to chat with Barry Horvath!
Always fun to chat with Barry Horvath!


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