These Are Days To Remember Edition, So Local Pasco Podcast, July 18th, 2016

I won’t ever forget Sunday.  It was magical.  I am so grateful to all who joined me on my So Local Pasco Marine Science Camp Boat Day for Grownups (with BEER!).  I KNEW we were going to have a fun tour of the Energy and Marine Center.  I KNEW we were going to have a fun cruise, full of laughter and good food and drink.

But I only suspected that magic would happen.  It did.  This was a diverse and dynamic group of locals.  A few folks I had never met, some I know only a little…But many of the stalwart supporters and close friends who’ve helped me make this happen were there.  Gail, and Laura, and Rock the Boat‘s Lia, Kacey and KiraAnita and Corey, and Travis…It was purely amazing.

Sometime early Sunday, this became the busiest traffic week in So Local Pasco‘s seven month history.  It surpassed a week I wish had not happened…The strange, anomalous week when my friend Becky Zehetner died.  She was nationally known in country music circles, and her death caught an internet breeze, catapulting my page views by ten times what they had been.  But this week…We earned it.  We interviewed, wrote, and produced some damned good content.

To top it off with Sunday…Just too perfect.  These are days to remember.

I’m going to just go ahead and post a photo gallery from the boat day.  Don’t miss the next one!

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