So Local Pasco, July 6th, 2016. The Naked Truth About Pasco Tourism Edition

Pasco County is the number one tourism destination for one specific type of traveler.  You can find out who they are, in today’s podcast.

Today I sat down with Pasco County Tourism Director Ed Caum, to talk about our assets, and how we can utilize them to increase tourism in Pasco County.  There’s a lot of good stuff happening, in our county, right now.  We have a LOT of good destination festivals, like Chasco Fiesta, Bikefest, and more.  A TON of sports tourism (not just pro sports, but amateur sports, as well) is here, and more is coming, with Sunwest Park hosting major volleyball tournaments, and new ice arenas being built.

The Harbors West Market Development Plan will enhance and enrich our opportunities for Gulf tourism, like eco-tours, boating and angling access and opportunities.  We also have plenty of EXISTING draws…Can you guess what one of the biggest is?

Ed Caum
Ed Caum, Pasco Tourism Director

I would also like to remind readers and listeners that the Pasco County website has a lot of “opt in” options for information about many aspects of Pasco County government and administration.  If you’d like updates emailed or even texted to you on a WIDE range of topics, go to the link below, sign up for an account, and start receiving updates!

Sign up for Pasco County Government Website Updates

If you’re curious about the potential for keeping chickens in your backyard, or even against the idea, you should think about attending next Friday’s Pasco County Food Policy Committee Meeting in Land o Lakes, where the keeping of chickens will be among the items discussed.  The Food Policy Committee will be making recommendations about the measure very soon…A vote on an ordinance on chickens is expected before November…So the time to learn about it is NOW.  The meeting will be held from 10am to 12pm.

Backyard Chickens...Roosters won't be allowed.
Backyard Chickens…Roosters won’t be allowed.

Our weather this week has been EXTREMELY hot..So PLEASE be careful, out there.

117 "Feels like" is DANGEROUS weather.
117 “Feels like” is DANGEROUS weather.

Stay hydrated, my friends!


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