So Local Pasco Saturday Music Cast, June 25th, 2016. Gerry and Andrew Polo Edition.

Listen…It’s 3am.  I’ve been editing the Music Cast since midnight…And I had to write the show close and record my part, as well.  But it’s done.  It’s been a weirdly busy quiet day.  I got stuff done.  I reflected.  Those things don’t always happen on the same day.

But there’s still more I want you to know.  The blog posts are a funny thing…I’m not even sure who reads them.  They’re important to me, but I don’t get much feedback.  Sometimes, I write here because the show is long (like today) and I try hard not to go too long.  Sometimes it’s simply because we have an afterthought, weblink, corrected info we need to share.

Who are the European cats mentioned in the podcast?

Stefan Grappelli, Django Reinhardt, and Claude Bolling.

There’s an amazing genre of jazz called ‘Gypsy Jazz’…It featured some truly astonishing musicians…Most classically trained orchestra musicians who were playing swing jazz in cabarets, clubs, and bars across western Europe…And influenced by Eastern European folk/classical, and Jewish music traditions.  You hear a lot of it these days in Volkswagen commercials.

It is sizzling, precise music…Fast and nuanced, slow and languid.

Here’s a fantastic example of Django Reinhardt just wailing on an acoustic guitar.  Everyone from Willie Nelson to Brian Setzer was influenced by this man.

But it’s American jazz standards that they are playing…Often WITH African American jazz legends like Louis Armstrong.  It was an amazing era for songwriting, as well as jazz interpretation.

So it makes me very happy to meet a 22 year old young man, living in our town, that is able to, and LIKES to play this music.

Andrew is 22, and teaching violin to younger students. They think he's old. Which is hilarious.
Andrew is 22, and teaching violin to younger students. They think he’s old. Which is hilarious.

In the interview, you can hear me recognizing that I am in the room with a prodigious talent.  I remember what I was doing when I was four and a half.  I was eating paste.  Andrew was already playing a 1/8 size violin.  Remarkable.  Listen to him speak.  He’s clearly a gifted young man.

So, his dad, Gerry…HE’S been playing music professionally for decades, too.  Fine dining gigs, orchestra work…These are trained, amazing musicians.  Gentlemen.

It helps that I have a deeply romantic connection to great swing music, and a jazz heart, as well.

Gerry and Andrew, getting ready to play Nature Boy for me.
Gerry and Andrew, getting ready to play Nature Boy for me.

Hey.  It’s very late.  I’m turning in.  I’m gonna lay back, and in my head, I will hear Willie Nelson‘s “All of Me”, and know that he got it right, trying to follow Django Reinhardt…He got it very right.

Consider:  The Polos are going to open a music school,  store, and venue, in New Port Richey, next month.  Listen to the show.  Support people that are making your town’s cultural scene better.

Oh, they are playing Taso Italiano tonight!

Do something creative, this weekend.  That’s how I got started making a podcast, you know.  The decision to be creative, daily.


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