SLP Saturday Music Cast, May 21st, 2016. Past Due Band Edition

Today will be the NINTH So Local Pasco Saturday Music Cast.

It’s a bit like herding cats to get one of these put together.  Aside from lives as musicians, MANY of the local cats and kittens who make music have other jobs.  About 80%, according to a number I just pulled directly out of my butt.  So, I do my best to wrangle interviews when I can get them…And sometimes, even then, they slip away.

It was my intent to have Johnny and Josh from Encore Music on this week, but Johnny had to got to Colorado.

So, Past Due stepped up.  I love the way this happens.  They came to the house with a couple of guitars, a bass, and a small bass amp.  We caught two songs live, right here in the room.  Nothing fancy.

I feel like I have to say this once a week:  This is NOT a live show!  That means we can record an interview and two songs pretty much any day you and your band can make it.  We really need to stockpile a few interviews…So if you’ve been thinking about it, stop over thinking, and give me a call, let’s get YOU on the Music Cast!

Past Due plays blues tinged rock and roll at local clubs and venues…The line up features a father and son (pretty rare in a rock band), and two other VERY good musicians:  Frank Timpanelli and Father Bill Spicuglia, who have also been playing in the Julie Brown Band, one of MY local favorites.

Father and Son, trading guitar licks and vocals, with Frank and Bill in the engine room.
Father and Son, trading guitar licks and vocals, with Frank and Bill in the engine room.

As Bill reminded us, during the interview…These guys are OKAY, but we all know the bass player makes the band.  What Bill lacks in height, he makes up for in stories.  Also, I think, based on what he told us, he IS the cause of alcoholism.

Anyway, these guys were great fun, perfectly casual playing in a strange room…You should go check them out!  They are at Marker 48 Brewery in Weeki Wachee tonight (May 21st, 6-10), and The Zephyrhills Elks Lodge Friday, May 27th.  They’ve got Pasco dates coming up, including Skinny’s in August, so be sure to catch them when they come to Hudson!

Upcoming Dates!
Upcoming Dates!

Here’s a few pics from my music travels:

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