So Local Pasco Podcast, May 18th, 2016. Not Beach is Better Than Beach Edition

Some severe weather rolled through So Local Pasco Country on Tuesday afternoon and evening…Check out this amazing radar loop from Weather Underground:

BIG system, effects felt on both coasts.
BIG system, effects felt on both coasts.

It’s important to remember that we are just TWO WEEKS from the start of Hurricane Season…And we have had systems in the Gulf this early.  Stay tuned, pay attention, and MAKE A PLAN NOW!

EDIT 4:28am:

So, I got into bed, and shot BOLT upright, when I realized I had gotten the name of the locally made Viking movie wrong…It was The Norseman, and it DID start Lee Majors.  The waterway in this clip is the Anclote River, I think…There was a beach landing scene at Green Key, and you could actually see modern boats in the far background.

Okay, going back to bed, now…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post!

This other thing I’m on about all the time.  The one about being who we ARE.  Listen.  You live in an amazing place.  Last night, I told a friend he lived within 25 miles of caves you could stand up in.  He was surprised…He had never heard of those caves, just north of us, in Hernando County.

I’m amazed at what people don’t know about our Pasco coastline.  People don’t know the names of most of the creeks, bays and inlets between Bailley’s Bluff and Aripeka.  There are SPRINGS out there…Some that come up five miles offshore.  In the winter, on dead calm cold mornings, you can see the steam vapor from the warm freshwater outflow.

I wish more folks were engaged with the Gulf.  As it IS.

We have a weird relationship with the Gulf, here.  You hardly get to see it from our main north south artery, U.S. 19.  In fact, I can only think of one fleeting POSSIBLE glance of the Gulf from anywhere on U.S. 19 in Pasco…Going past the Old Leverocks/Sea Market, look STRAIGHT DOWN THE CHANNEL (Gulf Harbors Channel), you could maybe, at low speed, on a clear day…

Looking west from the service road at the head of Gulf Harbors Channel. The ONLY glimpse of the Gulf from anywhere on U.S.19 in Pasco County
Looking west from the service road at the head of Gulf Harbors Channel. The ONLY glimpse of the Gulf from anywhere on U.S.19 in Pasco County

Our Gulf is almost secret.  I mean…It’s easy enough to get off the 19 corridor and find the Gulf.  But most people don’t.  Most people drive right on past us for the beaches further south.  Of course, I have not forgotten our beach gem, Anclote Key.  It truly is the gateway marker…There are no other islands like it, all the way up to the panhandle.

Let’s fall in love with our coast.  Let’s rekindle a romance…A time when we wore our hair long, drank MIller beer in cans, and listened to The Outlaws, while camping and canoeing right here.

To be a great community, we’ve got to celebrate and honor what makes us unique.  Here’s some pics to give you the spirit:

~I believe I own all photos, save the two by Casie Smithwick.

Tomorrow, we’ll preview some upcoming music events!


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