SLP Saturday Music Cast, April 9th, 2016. Making Good Edition

When we err, we try to fix it.  Tonight, I am making good on a technical failure.  Four weeks ago, I went a little nuts and created a one HOUR monster podcast of acoustic music by singer/songwriters…Mike Nunes, Jr., Alex Siniari, Alex Centeno, and Corey Cottrell.  In two incredible weeks, I caught live recordings of all four of them.  There was actually a lot MORE music, those two weeks!

Anyway, to file size limit meant I had to cut them into TWO podcast parts…And the second part never made the directory on iTunes, or the RSS feed, meaning almost no one heard it.  Now, if you DID hear it, don’t be discouraged…I actually re-cut the half hour, taking out some interview stuff, and adding a long live take at the end.

I feel like I should mention that these two guys are working, playing, writing, every week.  BOTH play frequent gigs, locallly…Corey has a standing gig every Friday afternoon at Skinny’s in Hudson from 4-7. He’s there most weeks, you can always message me on social media to verify.  Alex is now playing solo, as a duet with Jeremiah Halverson, and as part of their band, Controlled Chaos.

Also, here’s a couple of observations about the recordings, here:

  • The recording with Alex took place here in the Spare Room Studio.  It was his second visit, and our friend The Reverend Fred Kerouac joined us.  I played along on the second number.  Heh!
  • The tracks by Corey are from several places…Here in the studio, live at GillDawg, and with his throwdown band “Where Ma Dawg?” at Overtime Sports Bar (which books some GREAT music, by the way).
  • I’d like to feel bad about the recording of the last song.  A LOT of chatter.  Now, when you listen to it, remember that sometimes you are yapping through a pretty great moment.  In the words of Ferris Bueller:
    Ferris was right!
    Ferris was right!


    Here’s a few photos of the musicians I’ve been privileged to be around, the last few weeks…

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