So Local Pasco TV Post, March 19th, 2016. First One Hour Show Edition

Okay, here it is…Episode 7 of So Local Pasco TV!

Our first one hour show, featuring Jeff and Dave (The Dave Cook Duo), Paul Friedlander of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and Rick Hess of Pasco Kids First, to talk about the Honorary Governor Race to raise money for Pasco Kids First, RAP House, and the ASPCA…That event is ongoing, and Paul gives us the details on how we can participate, have a BUNCH of fun, and raise awareness AND money for these great service groups.  Finally, Kelly Herman joins me to talk about her foundation, The Kelly Project.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks, as always, to the guys at Tampa Bay Multimedia for making me look like I know what I am doing…That ain’t easy!

If you would like to be on So Local Pasco TV, or the podcast, give me a call at (727)859-8537.  Music performances on the set MUST be acoustic, and we welcome calls from ALL kinds of artists, not just musicians!


Tune in for more great guests, in the weeks to come!  Next Friday, Wendy Brenner from the Chasco Fiesta will be in to talk about this year’s amazing talent lineup, and the history of the festival…We will also have a band called “Orange Gravity” on, they have an EP out, and will be playing us some original songs…


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