So Local Pasco TV, Episode 5 is up! Sara DelBeato and Controlled Chaos…Watch now!

Our friends in Controlled Chaos have only been playing together a week or so…And are already tackling songs you rarely hear, locally.  We caught them at the lovely back patio of the Rockin’ Tiki Hut, Wednesday night…A small but enthusiastic crowd joined me to welcome them to the scene…

Today, Sara DeBeato just CRUSHED it with an amazing live song at the Tampa Bay Multimedia studios…Sara, kid!  GREAT job!  Come back anytime!

Loud shirts r us!
Our print shirts bring all the girls and boys to the yard.

If you are a local artist, singer, songwriter, chainsaw juggler, or what have you, and you would like to be on So Local Pasco TV, contact me at once via electronic mail or messaging!

Here are some shots of my week at So Local Pasco…Make sure and say hello, if you see me out and about!  I always love running into our viewers, listeners, and readers.

Going to bed!


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