So Local Pasco Podcast February 24th, 2016, Keep It Simple Corey Cottrell Edition

Sometimes, I over complicate things.  Today I learned a little about how to Keep It Simple, by spending a day in the studio (and then at a live gig) with Corey Cottrell.  If you watched Episode 3 of “So Local Pasco TV”, you’ve seen Corey, and heard a bit from him.

I’ll be honest…TV is complicated.  I am so focused on not sucking, that I sometimes miss what guests say, and I forget to enjoy what I am doing.  No such trouble with the podcast, and certainly not today.

Corey is a live wire…A busy intellect, a curious fellow.  He is talented, and funny, and a pure pleasure to listen to, whether he is talking, or playing music and singing.  He’s the kind of artist I am building this machine to serve…To give them a place to play, and to show you who they are.

So, I had fun, today.  You can’t even call this podcast an “interview”…it was really just two cats rapping about gumbo, funk, guitars, girls and life.

We also recorded two HOURS of material for HIS podcast, which is called “Baboon Room”.  TWO HOURS!  You are all very lucky I am not inflicting THAT on you!

You can check out the carnage of the Monkey Room Podcast by clicking HERE.  CAUTION, radical ideas, profanity, and potty humor are part of the experience…But if you are interested in how and why I do what I do, you might give it a try.

Corey, live and in person at the Spare Room Studio, Inc.
Corey, live and in person at the Spare Room Studio, Inc.

That will do it for me, off to bed.  Enjoy the podcast, enjoy the day!


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