Website Updates, Changes, and Repairs…

Hi, kids…I am making some tweaks and changes to the So Local Pasco website, today…If any of you experience problems, please let me know…I suspect the iTunes subscription feed may have issues…You may need to RE subscribe via iTunes. I also wanted to make sure you know that since I don’t use iTunes, I am TERRIBLE at fixing issues with it.
Known problems:
  • Some folks are having trouble leaving messages under posts…I think you need to ‘join’ the website as a subscriber to leave messages.
  • I am aware that sometimes as many as THREE media players show up with each post…They all link to the same media, not sure how to fix it, yet.
  • I have changed the number of posts that show up on the front page to FOUR, which will make it easier to go back over the last few entries, each week.
  • I will be activating a PayPal button, since a few folks have asked how they can contribute to the upkeep of the site…This seems the easiest way to quantify those contributions. Of course, you are all free to just throw money at me, when I show up somewhere, if you like what I am doing.

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