So Local Pasco Podcast, January 12th, 2016…Big Day, Live Music, Mourning an Icon Edition

I’m sorting some of this out, as I go.  Here’s the thing.  Radio has rules.  Every job does.  Every craft has them. I didn’t think much about those rules, then, they were just…THERE.  We’d sometimes stage peasant revolts, over things large and small, but mostly, the rules of broadcast radio seemed reasonable.

Now that I am working in a format with almost no rules, save copyright, I think about it a lot.  Here are what I think are the BIG differences:

No clock.  The only clock is the listener’s tolerance for the quality of the show.  If you make a really good show, people listen longer.  The show could be 3 minutes, or 10.  But if your routine is built around a 10 minute show, and I throw a 30 minute show in there, you might get frustrated with the unpredictability.  See?

No profanity censorship.  I can say pretty much whatever I want.  No podcasting authorities are going to knock on my door, and confiscate my mouse or keyboard.  Again, the ‘limit’ is what you, the listener will sit still for…And that is scary part of a venture like this.  How do I know if you are offended?  Or thrilled?  Or bored?

No (so far) usage rights and royalty hassles.  So far, too small.  The musicians who provided the works you hear, have given me permission to use them…Both let me know that unless my podcasts make a lot of money, no worries.  But this is a tricky issue, and before we start a larger music project, we’ll be clarifying what we can and cannot use in the podcast.  I’d frankly love to use a piece of music by a local composer for our intro!

Tonight, local musician Jeremiah Halversen from the Bullfrogs joins me, to talk about what he and the band are up to this week!

Check out their smooth version of the immortal classic “Badge“, at Reverbnation:

Badge cover, by The Bullfrogs

Jeremiah and the Bullfrogs (HA!) will be appearing locally THREE TIMES this week!  Go see them!
Jeremiah and the Bullfrogs (HA!) will be appearing locally THREE TIMES this week! Go see them!


Things are going well, and Monday was our most listened to podcast so far.  Not a bad way to start the week.


"David Bowie hasn't died, he's gone back home."
“David Bowie hasn’t died, he’s gone back home.”

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