So Local Pasco Podcast, Wednesday, January 6th, 2016…Letters and Stuff Edition

In the podcast today, letters and stuff from listeners like you!  Also, an important short primer on something we can ALL do to help kids in danger in our community.  It’s important that kids have a safe way to divulge that there are serious problems in their lives.  Often, parents who have problems are unwilling to admit and seek help…And kids in those homes are taught that the police and child services workers are their enemies.  These problems are often multi-generational, and we need to break the cycle wherever it appears.

Previewing the coming weeks, we’ll be talking this week about a fund raising effort for a local charity that provides music therapy for special needs kids, and their DIRE need for services to renovate their new location (the old location flooded)…We’ll also be spending some time chasing down folks involved in SEVERAL local festivals, including the big Chasco Fiesta shindig, coming our way in April

I also want to take a minute to say thanks to some ‘behind the scenes’ folks who have been very helpful in this project:

Steve Isbitts, of, who has been a BIG help to me in understanding new media, and strategies for making a roar above the din in a cluttered field.  Steve runs the most successful NON league owned blog in the NFL, garnering thousands of visitors to his blog, 24/7/365.  He has been invaluable, to me!

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Also, a HUGE thanks to Chad Phillips from New Vibe Web Design for the effortless, seamless transition from a ‘bulk’ webhost to a faster, more secure, and MUCH larger hosting server…I know this is sort of ‘jargon’-y, but your experience here at the site will be faster, and allow us to post much larger project content, moving forward!  Thanks, Chad!
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