So Local Pasco Podcast, Wednesday, December 30th, 2015, The Park, The Rec Center, and STEM School Info Edition

Years ago, my father and brother and I had a CRAZY New Years Day tradition:  We would hook up the boat, load up the skis and wetsuits, and go waterskiing on Moon Lake.  It is the lake where I learned to ski…And I had many adventures, there.  But it was extra daring to go on New Years Day…Even if the weather was a little warm, the WATER temp was cold!  When you crash on water that cold, you sort of…BOUNCE off of it.

I think it’s safe to say, my dad would have been a little shocked and alarmed at how warm our winter has been, so far.  It puts me in mind of the fact that we USED to have quite a lot of commercial orange grove acreage, here in West Pasco, but a decade of very cold winters, some citrus canker, and med fly invasion pretty much killed them off.  In fact, this week in 1984, it got cold enough that there was a sheet of ice across Moon Lake Road, just about where Ruby Tuesday’s is, now.  I joined a whole LOT of folks, that day, who spun off the road, and took in the scenery.

Anyway, it’s warm, but will be cooling off considerably toward the weekend.  Remember, though, a WET New Years Eve will make conditions far more dangerous…Plan ahead!  Check out #SAFERIDEPASCO on Facebook to plan how to get home safe and sound!

In the podcast, today, updates on progress on the Sims Park renovations (that’s GOOD!), and the New Port Richey Rec Center renovation (that’s BAD!), as well as information critical to parents who want their kids to attend the Bayonet Point Middle School STEM program, next year.

Enjoy the podcast, I’ll make more!  Be sure to contact us with any stories YOU think we should cover.  Simply leave a comment here, with the podcast, or email me at [email protected]

Busy day at the shop for our sponsors, Salon Joseph Michael on State Road 52!
Busy day at the shop for our sponsors, Salon Joseph Michael on State Road 52!

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