So Local Pasco Podcast, December 10th, 2015, We get LETTERS! Edition

I remember working in classical music radio in 1983…And feeling completely alone, overnights, from midnight to 6am.  Unlike pop stations, no one wants to come party with the classical music guy at 3am.  At least…No one you’d want to let in the studio!

This past week, I have suffered some creative anxiety about how this is going.  I want ANSWERS, and I want them NOWish.  But that doesn’t happen, as my well grounded and very smart support system told me, when I began to lose my mind about it.

Today, finally, we get to respond to some feedback out the show, the information, and how excited we are that folks are tuning in.  The response has been very positive, at least in PERSON, people are telling me they like the show, and it is not a bad idea.

If you’d like to call me up, and tell me I sound great, you can do so by calling our studio phone:  (727)859-8537.  You can also reach me via email, at [email protected]

Advertising opportunities are available, you’d be reaching about a hundred people A DAY advertising on our podcast and blog…And these are all LOCAL people, who want to support our show, and our sponsors.  Remember, IT’S NOT RADIO. It’s cheap, and easy, and we can say whatever we damned well please!  Podcasting is the FUTURE of broadcasting, in the same way that the internet is the future of print journalism.  This is your chance to get in CHEAP, and on the ground floor!  Did I mention it’s CHEAP!?

Call today.

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kayaker at sunset, Hudson, Florida 2014  GS
kayaker at sunset, Hudson, Florida 2014 GS

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