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Podcast 101 Primer

This website and blog are designed to support our primary project and product, the SoLocalPasco Podcast.  SoLocalPasco is published daily, Monday thru Friday, with occasional ‘FeatureCasts’ on weekends, or in the event of important local news stories.

What IS a podcast?

Podcasts are (in our case) short audio files that you can listen to here on the website, or via your Smartphone, iPad, or tablet device. In fact, if your car stereo supports bluetooth wireless connection, you can even listen to them in your car!  Podcasts are not specific to ANY brand or operating system, even though the NAME comes from the iPod.  It’s worth remembering the that the iPod was the FIRST portable MP3 player to hit it big, but there are now many options.

Podcasts have been described as ‘DVR for radio shows’, and I really like that description.  It is exactly that:  A way to listen to radio shows (or other content) on YOUR schedule, instead of the schedule set by a radio network.  Another key difference between podcasts and radio is this:  There are no real content or time structures or rules!  We can say pretty much what we want, unless it chases off listeners…And we can make our podcasts 3 minutes long or 3 HOURS long.  Don’t worry, I’m not planning on making any marathon recordings!

How do they work?

I record an audio file using some professional grade gear (but there are MANY podcasts recorded on nothing more sophisticated than a smartphone).  Sometimes, I record on location at an office, or, in one case, a county park, but I usually record in my home studio:

Old man with scruffy beard and cool room
Greg at the controls of the podcast production studio he calls “Spare Room Studios”.

I then edit the recording, taking out unwanted noises, and even cutting content to keep the podcasts under ten minutes.  While I COULD add music and other sounds and things after recording, I like recording MY part of the podcast live, as I learned to do in terrestrial radio…I use my tablet to insert theme music and other sound files in realtime.  Our goal is to make a podcast that is short, interesting, and DAILY, five days a week.

The next part SOUNDS simple, but is actually the part I am learning as I go…I upload the audio, plus a few lines about the subject of the cast, and links to information to our website,, where you are, now.

Every morning, at around 4am, the new podcast is uploaded, and made available to listeners and subscribers.  If you subscribe, via email, iTunes, or other podcast services, this is when the file becomes available to you.  We have set up Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts, so those listeners that are connected to us get notifications on those platforms.

Is that all there is?

(Now, if you are old, you have Peggy Lee stuck in your head)

Over time, I will be adding pages with new content (like this page) that help ‘flesh out’ and explain what we do.  There is plenty of room to expand, and we may even begin to host the work of OTHERS who want to try podcasting.  We would very much like this to be a community that develops over time, as we identify people who have a strong voice and a good message.

You can subscribe to the SoLocalPodcast via email, or by using the links on the “Subscribe to Podcasts” page. If you use iTunes on your mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can subscribe to our podcast there, by searching for So Local Pasco in the iTunes Store.  Android users can subscribe, and there are MANY other podcast players.  Greg uses Player FM,available at the Google Play Store, for FREE!

That’s it!  That is how podcasting works…It is the new face of audio broadcasting.  While terrestrial radio still labors on, waiting for someone ELSE to decide when you get to listen to things is going the way of print media news…Now we EACH have the power to be a publisher, or a radio host, or a record producer.  Podcasting is changing broadcasting in the same way Youtube has changed television, and websites have changed newspapers.  Over 80% of Americans now use the internet, for things ranging from breaking news coverage, to funny cat pictures.

Gladiator Cat
Cat pictures and podcasting…NOW this article has it all!

Thanks for reading all this!  I really enjoy having an opportunity to help people discover this new and amazing medium!  I hope it inspires you.  I hope you say to yourself, “Hey, if THAT GUY can do this, so can I!”  Please feel free to contact me, and ask questions.  I am willing to help you learn more about podcasting, as a listener OR as a producer.  Producer…Doesn’t THAT have a nice ring to it?

~Greg Smithwick
December 10th, 2015


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