All posts by Greg Smithwick, Town Crier, Foole.

Greg has lived in West Pasco County for 41 of his 51 years. His parents moved the family here from Hollywood, Florida. He attended Schrader Elementary, Bayonet Point Junior High, Clearwater Central Catholic High School, and Hudson High School. He has worked in food service, broadcasting, counseling, insurance, broadcasting (AGAIN), media distribution, logistics, counseling (AGAIN), and now new media broadcasting...AGAIN. Greg shares his life with his partner Anita, and their six kids and 9 grand and step grandchildren (Kids lives are complicated, these days)! They live in beautiful downtown Hudson, Florida. Greg is now tobacco free for two years, after his bypass surgery in 2013.


So, here we go.  My name is Greg Smithwick, and I have lived in West Pasco county for most of the last forty years.  I have gone to school, worked, and played here for most of my life.  I am intimately familiar with the geography, culture, people and legends (some of which may even be true!) in this community.

I have worked for local radio stations, and even interned in local access television, thousands of years ago.  I’ve noticed, lately, that something is MISSING from local media…Aside from newspapers and a small news service online, there is very little listenable news and information available to Pasco County residents.  While there IS some coverage on BayNews9, it is seldom enough…And, it is really only available if you are a cable TV subscriber.

More importantly, there is nowhere to ‘tune in’ while driving to work, to get information…And certainly no way to be HEARD in local media.  There are no more call in radio shows, or opinion shows.

We intend to bring that BACK to West Pasco county, via daily blog posts, and, starting soon, daily PODCASTS that you can listen to in your car, or on your other internet devices.

I am not a journalist.  I am a former radio broadcaster and audio producer, who just wants folks to be able to PARTICIPATE in local media, and exchange information with fellow residents.

Stay tuned, as they say…Much more to come.