Ch ch ch Changes. Blog Post Only, November 1st 2016.

You may have noticed no podcast Monday or today.

Laura and I will be doing the Wednesday show as usual, and the NEXT So Local Pasco Podcast will be Friday,  November 4th.

That show, on Friday, will include my explanation for the changes we are making.  It’s very exciting, and sooo tempting to talk about it, today…But we’ll all just have to wait.

I also intend to give you an election guide…My choices will be based on the issues we cover, locally, here on SLP:  environment, homelessness, equality.

I hope you’ll join us for all the exciting things coming up.

I wanted to throw a quick thank you out to our friends Travis Morehead and Shannon Hernandez from Great Spirit Farm, out in Brooksville.  I had an incredibly peaceful and productive retreat, there, Sunday and Monday.  I recommend them for your retreat needs!

Click the image to visit their website:


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