Nature Coast Paddle and Fitness, So Local Pasco, October 14th, 2016.

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Casie grabbed the mic and recorded the show open…But I didn’t have a fresh interview (what I did today stays off the record for a bit, yet)…So, I am re-airing the interview we did with Tessie, Katie and Gary from Nature Coast Paddle and Fitness. ¬†They are instructors and AVID paddle sports enthusiasts who are now organizing safety, instruction, and tour groups at Gill Dawg.
We really enjoyed chatting with them, it couldn’t be clearer that they love what they do, and they love helping other folks enjoy safe, fun times on the water…When you get to know Erik and Colleen from Gill Dawg, it will become clear how this partnership happened!

Katie, Tessie and Gary have TONS of experience and enthusiasm for sharing their favorite paddle sports with you!
Exploring local creeks via SUP...Intimate nature touring.
Exploring local creeks via SUP…Intimate nature touring.


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