Hey, Remember Me? Greg Returns! So Local Pasco, Monday, September 26th, 2016

Nice to be back!

Yes, I had a nice couple of days off.  I rested, wrote, and recharged.

Flood of Hope Benefit

We start off this Monday with an appeal to you, to come out and contribute to the needy in your community. Our friend Stevie Lovell (you remember her from the Flood of Hope Benefit for Louisiana), along with Jose Delgado from Tapas Gastro Lounge, on Ridge Road, are holding a Flood of Hope Benefit, for PASCO County residents, this Saturday.


It’s going to be an all day affair, with DJ Jeff from 1-5pm, and probably ANOTHER dj after that…Food specials all day, and discount coupons for those that donate.  I’ll be there for a couple of hours, probably early.  Please stop by, enjoy some fantastic food, and donate items from the list, below:

Items needed by LOCAL flood victims
Items needed by LOCAL flood victims

Brews (and wines!) on the Bayou

We’ll ALSO be out at Gill Dawg for the Brews (and wine!) on the Bayou Fundraiser for Youth and Family Alternatives.  Buy advance tickets on EventBrite, or come get them on Saturday.  The event runs from 2-6pm, and was featured on a couple of our recent podcasts.  YFA does incredibly important work with at risk youth in our county…Please support them!

Click image to buy tickets!
Click image to buy tickets!

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Tour

Today, Corey Cottrell from the Baboon Room and I will be touring the Trulieve Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Clearwater, along with County Commissioner Mike Wells and some county staffers.  I want to mention this, because it’s an important step:

I challenged the commissioners to visit a dispensary, when I spoke at the BOCC meeting in July. It seemed that they were only hearing part of the story, and I thought it wise to implore them to see for themselves what happens at a cannabis dispensary…Not to believe the ‘reefer madness’ that some would have them believe.  It’s encouraging, to me, that at least one of the commissioners is willing to learn more…That is what we need our elected officials to do:  Base their decisions on accurate information.


There’s a Bayou Business Association meeting in Port Richey, tonight…Expect to hear about their upcoming “Trunk or Treat” Halloween event, a safe alternative to neighborhood trick or treating, held at a central, supervised location later this week.


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