Wednesday Music, Art and Culture with Laura Sherrod Pence. So Local Pasco September 14th, 2016

First up, clarification:

Yesterday, you may recall, I talked about my conversation with Curtis Franklin, the Program Coordinator of the Pasco Restore Act Committee.  Mr. Franklin called me, Tuesday, and asked me to clarify a couple of things.

Curtis Franklin did NOT speculate on Mayor Massad’s motives or actions…In fact, it was news to him that Mayor Massad told me he didn’t intend to follow through and take the Restore Act money. I understand that the Mayor emailed Mr. Franklin, Tuesday, and asked for clarification.  Here it it:

The Mayor told ME he was planning on letting the money go.  I do not know, nor did Mr. Franklin state that this was Mayor Massad’s plan.

Secondly…Mr. Franklin in no way intimated that if Mayor Massad proceeded, that boat ramps would be a ‘done deal’.  Now…I think I know what happened here.  Every time the Mayor has discussed this with me, he has gone to great lengths to tell me how hard and expensive it would be to even TRY to get approval from DEP for boat ramps in Waterfront Park.  It is the MAYOR that said “You all think it would just magically happen”.  Now…I hadn’t thought too much about who he meant by “You all”…I’m thinking, now.  I think he thinks I have some sort of inside source for information.  I know only what the Restore Act Committee members I’ve spoken to have told me, and what the mayor has told me:  That there IS a process, and they would consider modifications to the existing use of Waterfront Park to accomodate the plan put forth by Port Richey…Which is CLEARLY STATED in the documents and the plan itself.

Again:  FCT has NOT said they would automatically issue authorization, nor has DEP said they would automatically approve the dredging and construction necessary for ramps.

HOWEVER:  None of the people I have spoken to see any particular BARRIERS to the part of the approved plan that deals with ramps in Waterfront Park.

My apologies if I gave anyone the wrong impression in the blog post last night…I didn’t think it read that way, but Mr. Franklin had concerns, and we certainly don’t want to give inaccurate information.

Breaking news, today:  Port Richey has become the smallest municipality in Florida to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults.  Details in the podcast, but tonight was the second reading, and decrim is now a reality for those 18 and older, within the city limits of Port Richey.

Congrats to the City Council of Port Richey…This move will keep people from having criminal records for a very minor offense.

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Intro to Community Drumming Workshop with Om Tribe

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