Hurricane Hermine Damage Assessment Complete, and Port Richey. Again. September 8th, 2016.

Recovery from Hurricane Hermine continues, with the county completing damage and human needs assessments on Tuesday.  The numbers released downgraded the number of homes damages to SEVEN, but well over 1,800 homes were damaged, and 2,600+ properties impacted.

The county has done a fine job of releasing information helpful to residents, and we talk about some of those things on the podcast, today:

1) Those on SNAP benefits can get food replaced that was lost due to power outage or flooding…In fact, SNAP recipients are eligible to have ALL their food for the month replaced.  You can begin the process by clicking the green text link, below, to the DCF website:

Disaster SNAP Benefit Replacement Program

Did you know there was a “My Pasco” app for your smart phone?  Yep…Available for Android, Apple, and even for Blackberry!

Handy!  Press releases, events, parks info, and MUCH much more!  I've got it on my phone.
Handy! Press releases, events, parks info, and MUCH much more! I’ve got it on my phone.

Melanie Kendrick from Pasco County Economic Development asked us to help get the word out:  If your business was impacted by Hermine, you may be eligible for assistance!  Go to the county website, and fill out the survey linked below (in green, of course):

Pasco County Survey of Businesses Damaged by Hermine

Mayor Dale Massad of Port Richey called me, Tuesday, to give me an update on a few topics…Covered in the podcast.  The big news is that the Mayor does intend to say no to the $660,000+ Restore Act Fund money already approved for distribution.

Personally, I am just incredulous that a city of 3,000 or so people would just turn away from that money to improve the waterfront…Not just for themselves, but for ALL county residents that frequent the Port Richey waterfront.  That’s a lot of money, and I would have thought there would have to be a compelling reason for turning it down…Again and again, though, I have found the Mayor’s explanation hollow, and contradicted by what other sources tell me.

1) He says city residents never had a say in the plan, which is just not true.  There is a record of the public meetings for comment.  Also, the city ITSELF put the plan together, and submitted it to the Restore Act Committee.

2) He says the residents of Port Richey are the only voices that matter, and they’ve told him they do not want the money used for the improvements in the disbursement.

More on this, soon…We’ve reached out to county, business, and even state leaders involved in the Restore Act distribution.

He also told me the city council must have a second reading of their Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance before it can be enacted…I’ll have the date for you as soon as I know it.

Hey, if you have not done so, yet…Check out another great LOCAL podcast…I am no longer the only one!  Check out Corey Cottrell’s Baboon Room Podcast, which I produce and sometimes co-host, here at the Spare Room Studio.

Producing and Co-Hosting the Baboon Room Podcast, here at Spare Room Studio, Inc.
Producing and Co-Hosting the Baboon Room Podcast, here at Spare Room Studio, Inc.

The topic this week is “Em Drive”

Em Drive works, and we aren't sure why.
Em Drive works, and we aren’t sure why.

A device that sounded like snake oil four years ago, but is now passing peer review, and being tested by NASA, as well as other science groups around the world.  It’s a new technology that, if it works, will be the most revolutionary thing since the mechanical engine.  HUGE story.  Click below to read, and listen!

Good Talk!  Smart people, talking fast...I am a HUGE fan of Corey's writing, as well!
Good Talk! Smart people, talking fast…I am a HUGE fan of Corey’s writing, as well!


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