FLOODING OF HOMES REPORTED in West Pasco County, Overnight. So Local Pasco, Spetember 2nd, 2016

I received a number of calls and messages between 11pm and 2am, to advise that a number of homes have been flooded.  At least 18 people were evacuated from homes in Port Richey and Hudson.  I received reports of at least 20 flooded homes.

11pm screen cap

As you can imagine, being a one person operation, I am sure there are reports that I didn’t get, and we may get a few things wrong.

Publishing now, power flickering!


CLEARLY getting too tired…Made a big update to this post, published it, then UN published it.

Reports of flooding and evacuations are numerous.  The EOC and PCSO are reporting evacuations in New Port Richey (near Green Key), and at Hudson Beach.

Homes have been flooded in New Port Richey, Port Richey, Westport, Sea Ranch, and Hudson Beach.

I have reports that Whiskey River, Seaside Inn, and Get Hooked all had water in them…Extent of damage unclear, just yet.

Expect to find more damage and reports of problems as we move into the daylight hours…Response is coming.  The Pasco County EOC asks that you take pics of damage, and send them in, or post them on social media.  You can contact the EOC if you have any questions, at:


Visit the Pasco County website for a TON of good information:

Pasco County Florida Website

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