HUMANIZE, Because Dino and I Said So. So Local Pasco, Friday, August 19th, 2016.

Dino DiBernardinis went on a rant about “humanizing”, this week.  Not really a rant, just a reminder that we should do that.  I complimented him, saying I shared his view.  He replied that he was thinking about it because of what I’ve been writing.  Yay, great minds, yada yada.

Then, again, on Thursday, I was given a chance to sit with folks and help them humanize a group they hadn’t been thinking much about…medical cannabis patients, and were in turn able to GIVE understanding about the people they serve directly…The homeless.

I see individuals, even groups, striving for that conversation.  Good job, individuals and groups!

I like that my show attracts a certain kind of mind…An empathic, open, questing crowd, mostly.  Of course, I’m a fairly skeptical and cautious thinker…But I do like to find the boundaries of my acceptance, and streeeetch them a little bit.

Keep your mind flexible, and your heart light.  It’s a long way to where we’re going.

A sermon from Brother Gregorius of the Pastafari Order.
A sermon from Brother Gregorius of the Pastafari Order.


Also, I’ve been collecting thunderstorms since May.  You’re welcome!



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