SLP Saturday Music Cast: Athan Monk and Friends Live at Anything Music, August, 2016.

Lightning in a bottle.  Recording music for me has been challenging.  I feel in no way adequate to record our local friends.  They tend to think I know more than I do.  Honestly, I’m barely treading water.  The session at Anything Music was hectic…I am juggling when we do things like this…And I hate finicky gigs.

So, the first two songs, Athan’s singing is pretty ‘hot’…almost too loud for the gear.  But we got it.  Not bad.

The second two songs?  Lots better.  Corey got us a better sound.  Over my head, but it worked.  I really like “No More”, the third song.  But man…”Sudden Rush to Love”, the last song in the podcast is so good.  It’s an intimate moment.  Oh, my goodness.  I had never heard this song before.  I had no idea how loud it was going to get.  I think it’s a good catch.  That’s important, to me…That lightning in a bottle.

Athan Monk, killing it. "Sudden Rush to Love".
Athan Monk, killing it. “Sudden Rush to Love”.

Listen to more of Athan’s work, by clicking the magical green text, below:

Athan Monk’s Website,

Cannot believe I didn’t get a picture of Athan and Corey when they played together.  I was certainly caught up in getting a good recording.  That’s Corey, playing the nice delicate lead in “Sudden Rush For Love”.

This Micro Farmer, right here:

Our thanks to Gerry and Andrew at Anything Music for accommodating us…We ended up with about fifteen people.  Not bad for a first try.  Stop in and see the place…I already want to do more events there!

Oh, and since Athan brought it up…I have a chance to play a shared favorite for you…Santo and Johnny’s Sleepwalk is one of the greatest instrumental pop songs of the 20th century, and if you disagree, we can’t be friends.

Maybe my favorite thing:  This session with Athan and friends gives me ideas…More soon.

Anyway, that’s our Music Cast for this week…Expect another one on August 20th.


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