Saturday Special…New Tricks for Old Dudes. Medical Marijuana Discussion Begins…

A new kind of So Local Pasco post, today.  For the first time, we are cross posting a Facebook Live video we recorded at Spare Room Studio, Inc, this afternoon.

So, here you go…This is Corey Cottrell from the Baboon Room, and yours truly, discussing the County Commission’s impending action to extend a moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries in Pasco County.  We refute IMMEDIATELY some of the points used to decide on a delay, and will be producing experts to refute other aspects of the presentation in the days and weeks to come.

Oh, if you are interested, here is the video of the workshop meeting…The cannabis dispensary issue starts at around 10:30:

Pasco County Commission Medical Cannabis Dispensary Workshop, July 19th, 2016
As Corey would say “BA BOOM!”

Warning!  Jargon ahead!!

Now, I will caution you:  This is only the second or third time we’ve brought these tools to bear in a public setting…So there is a bit of “IS THIS THING ON?”  at the beginning, as we check how everything is working.  It gives me DEEP anxiety to go “live” with tools that aren’t working, correctly…And we are getting better every time we turn the rig on.

Here is what we are doing:

We are using THIS tool…(clickable links are in green)

We downloaded this FREE software:

Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS)

We connected two webcams (Logitech C310 and C270) to the studio PC, and designate them as video sources in the OBS software.  We then feed the studio quality audio signal I use for podcasting as the audio feed into the software.

In streaming options, you enter the ‘stream code’ data generated in the tool below, and then start streaming!

This feeds the multicam and audio stream RIGHT INTO FACEBOOK.  Until this discovery, we thought you could only feed camera video in FB live.

FB Live streaming tool

It generates a dialog box to prepare for live video.

*wipes hands on pants*

Greg drinks iced coffee, smugly.
Greg drinks iced coffee, smugly.


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