Punk as Heck! Profanity Laced Destruction, Chaos and Humor Ahead. SLPSMC, The Black Clash Edition

Read these quotes about punk rock:

“People are here to do reckless things, stupid things they might later regret, though the point of it all is in not regretting. For the idea of the party is youth.”
~~Lucy Foley 

“It was music that was made for teenagers and scared the hell out of adults; it was taboo-shattering music about *GASP!* sex and racial commingling.  That’s why records were burned, censorship laws were passed, and some lives were ruined.  Because this was the Devil’s music, and it was threatening the status quo.
But you couldn’t stop anything this real.  It hit you where you lived.  It belonged to the kids and only the kids.  It set them apart.  It gave them something to believe in.  It was their joy.  It was their freedom.  It is still so today.”  
~ Michael Ventura 

“This Music is destroying children.  Making them hate their parents, their traditions, and themselves.”
~~Editorial, Lakeland Flyer

Now…consider:  Only ONE of those quotes is from the 1970s, when punk was born (It’s the third one).  The other two are from the 20s and 50s, respectively.  You know why you don’t get punk?  Because you were not supposed to.  It wasn’t for YOU.  It was for the disaffected kid who found out just how boned he was.  It was for your sons and daughters, and part of it was designed to piss you off, and disgust you.
Rather than ask why someone would DO that, maybe, what we are supposed to do with it, is practice a level of acceptance that ALL generations’ kids had some special secret magic that could make us terrified of their power.  ALL generations.


Heck…My grandmother SKIPPED SCHOOL, which was a capital crime in the 1920s, to go see Frank Sinatra perform in Manhattan!  MY GRANDMA WAS A PUNK!  Probably yours was, too.


Musical rebellion is a great tradition…And punk is an important multi generational manifestation of that rebellion.  Think about it…The influence of punk, with DIY sensibilities, and homemade culture and clothing AND music, has lasted from 1973(ish) to 2016.

I mean…I sat down with a punk band, this week.  They are not being ironic.  They are not hipsters.  They are REALLY disaffected (but funny), and REALLY like to yell at an audience.  So there it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy The Black Clash, but remember they swear a lot, and so do I!

The Black Clash.  Not even SURE which drummer that is.
The Black Clash. Not even SURE which drummer that is.

You can catch The Black Clash on Wednesday, August 10th, 8pm at Anything Music, on Trouble Creek Road, New Port Richey. $5 gets you a concert, a slice of pizza, and a soda.  Come on, man!  Let’s go scare the shit out of some old people!  Oh, wait…I AM the old people!

Andrew and Gerry Polo’s amazing little music shop and venue, Trouble Creek Road, just west of Madison Street.

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