Finally! HATE MAIL! So Local Pasco Podcast, July 19th, 2016. So Happy!

Angry Web Guy
Angry Web Guy

I can’t decide if it took them so long because I have not said anything controversial, or because they had to have someone show them how to use a smart phone…But we finally got some hate mail!  We got more than one hate letter, too! I’m so happy.  It means I have finally arrived.  I’m annoying someone, and not just with bad puns, and soccer talk.

It’s okay…It’s REALLY okay.  We must be doing something right, around here.

The hills are alive, with the sound of HAHA!
The hills are alive, with the sound of HAHA!

Today, we open the mail bag, and address some questions from viewers, readers, listeners, and at least ONE crackpot from Port Richey.  You know, it’s comical, because I have not felt this supported since I started doing the podcast in December.

Anyway, listen to the cast, get a feel for what comes next, from So Local Pasco.

I’m at the West Side Deli, today, from 10am to noon…Eating Crazy Good Food, meeting crazy people.  Crazy GOOD people.

Also, this Friday evening, catch ME, along with Andrew and Gerry Polo at Tapas Gastro Lounge on Ridge Road!  Jose will be cranking out pork slider, seviche, tacos, fried rice, and cold beer and wine, all night long.  We’ll be doing a Facebook LIVE cast from Tapas about 6:45…But come out and see the Polos live…There is nothing quite like a live combo with a violin, and Andrew is prodigiously talented!

Tomorrow, we should have an interview with County Commission candidate Barry Horvath, a good friend to our show!

Have a great Tuesday, see you tomorrow!




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