So Local Pasco Podcast July 8th, 2016. Boat Days Have Been My Best Days Edition.

As you wake, and read this, there is terrible news.  You’ll no doubt experience the same rage, and horror, and sadness at it.  Sadness for all of us.

It was hard to look away, and work.  But I landed on one simple truth:

Many of the best days of my entire life have been in the Gulf Waters of Pasco County.  I have travelled far and wide…Africa, Europe, the Caribbean.  I have lived in three countries.  That’s a lot of spots to compare…But my home waters are my happy place.  They have almost always been, and I hope they always will be.  I will work to KEEP them happy, and healthy.

So the podcast today is maybe an escape valve.  It’s maybe a window on a world you don’t know well.  Can I take you there?

Here are a few pictures that may help give this podcast meaning, for you…

I hope you’ll get inspired to buy a ticket and join us for a spectacular Boat Day, coming up on Sunday, July 17th.  I hope you’ll join me for a passionate, fun, educational day.  We live in an AMAZING place, with a treasure box right outside our doors.

For information and to buy tickets, click the poster image, below:

Click the poster to buy tickets!
Click the poster to buy tickets!

Music gig information for some of our friends is in the podcast…PLEASE support local arts and culture!

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