Saturday Special…New Tricks for Old Dudes. Medical Marijuana Discussion Begins…

A new kind of So Local Pasco post, today.  For the first time, we are cross posting a Facebook Live video we recorded at Spare Room Studio, Inc, this afternoon.

So, here you go…This is Corey Cottrell from the Baboon Room, and yours truly, discussing the County Commission’s impending action to extend a moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries in Pasco County.  We refute IMMEDIATELY some of the points used to decide on a delay, and will be producing experts to refute other aspects of the presentation in the days and weeks to come.

Oh, if you are interested, here is the video of the workshop meeting…The cannabis dispensary issue starts at around 10:30:

Pasco County Commission Medical Cannabis Dispensary Workshop, July 19th, 2016
As Corey would say “BA BOOM!”

Warning!  Jargon ahead!!

Now, I will caution you:  This is only the second or third time we’ve brought these tools to bear in a public setting…So there is a bit of “IS THIS THING ON?”  at the beginning, as we check how everything is working.  It gives me DEEP anxiety to go “live” with tools that aren’t working, correctly…And we are getting better every time we turn the rig on.

Here is what we are doing:

We are using THIS tool…(clickable links are in green)

We downloaded this FREE software:

Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS)

We connected two webcams (Logitech C310 and C270) to the studio PC, and designate them as video sources in the OBS software.  We then feed the studio quality audio signal I use for podcasting as the audio feed into the software.

In streaming options, you enter the ‘stream code’ data generated in the tool below, and then start streaming!

This feeds the multicam and audio stream RIGHT INTO FACEBOOK.  Until this discovery, we thought you could only feed camera video in FB live.

FB Live streaming tool

It generates a dialog box to prepare for live video.

*wipes hands on pants*

Greg drinks iced coffee, smugly.
Greg drinks iced coffee, smugly.


Closing Out Our Best Month, So Far. Thank You, Pasco County!

It’s a dead simple idea:

Cover the stuff that’s too small for our dwindling traditional media to cover…Small charities, small business, small music.  The Tribune is GONE.  The Suncoast News website has not been updated in months.  Bay News 9 does okay, I guess…Do you know their people?  By name?  Do they live here?  The Pasco Times had a story, today, about Whiskey Joe’s getting their variances, and a green light.  However, they got a city councilwoman’s name wrong…Twice.  They also reported the approved outdoor stage would be “20×300”.  I’ll assume feet.  But that is still not correct.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, you probably heard about the Whiskey Joe’s story the very next day…In fact, some of you got the story in real time, because Corey Cottrell LIVE STREAMED the whole city council meeting, as it happened.

So, it’s clear to me, now, that this is what you want from me…A local perspective on stories in our area.  We’ll do what we can to bring you that…Along with the charities, the public events, the music (and we know we need to do better at that).

The Big Latch On

Thanks to Michelle Barbour for joining us by phone to talk about The Big Latch On, happening  Saturday, August 6th, at 10am…It’s an event to support and promote breastfeeding…It’s a great and interesting idea, please listen for information…If you have questions, or want to volunteer, contact the good people at Momcierge, on the poster, below:

Go to for more info, or to volunteer!
Go to for more info, or to volunteer!

Welcome, Gill Dawg!

Finally, today…We want to welcome on board Gill Dawg, who have agreed to an annual sponsorship of our podcast…We’ll be taking a table at GillDawg every thursday afternoon…That’s your chance to come, have a beverage, and meet up with me.  I’ll be arranging interviews, too..So if you want to get the word out about your local charity, public event, or news story, come by and let’s talk about it.

Erik and Colleen have been very receptive to being a part of this new media vehicle we’re building, and we couldn’t be happier that they see the value in what we are doing. Click on the image below to check out the full range of food, drink, and activities that happen at Gill Dawg, in the Waterfront Overlay District, Port Richey!

 am going to bed, now…I will probably sleep til Sunday.  Nah, who am I kidding…I’ll be ready to run around by early Saturday!  Have a safe weekend, everybody, and tune back in NEXT week for more shenanigans, tomfoolery, and whatnot!


Big Numbers, Small Egos, Overwhelming Gratitude


Eight hundred people listened, watched, or read So Local Pasco content, on Wednesday. That is a HUGE number, and our biggest number, to date.  It tells us a lot about what you want and expect from So Local Pasco…You seem to like it when we get a little edgy, and make a little scene.  And we LOVE YOU for that, because we like making a scene and being edgy.  We’re GOOD at it, too, you just wait and see.

I took some time, Wednesday night, to bask in the community.  I am AT a lot of events, but for me, many of them are work.  I feel like I sometimes miss opportunities to just sit and enjoy things.  The New Port Richey Community and Drum Circle has become a very comfortable place for me to unwind, sit, and take it all in.  A LOT of folks who contribute to the spirit of our community come to this event, now held twice a month.

These early photos don't show the numbers...By sunset, around 40 people were participating.
These early photos don’t show the numbers…By sunset, around 40 people were participating.



Thanks, all for joining me on this journey…The adventure continues, tomorrow!


Port Richey 3: The Port Richening! Whiskey Joe a Go, Erik Soujanen Gets Ejected, and Marijuana Decrim Gets a Look


One of our newest sponsors, The Decker Group, celebrated the Grand Opening of their new showroom on Tuesday, and we were invited to come out and enjoy it.  Great food, awesome folks…We are very excited that Arron and Sara Decker are supporting our podcast!

Stop in and see them at 7008 Clark Street…That’s the corner of Clark and Old Dixie, in Hudson.

The people that make your kitchen dreams come true!
The people that make your kitchen dreams come true!
West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors welcoming Decker Group

Meanwhile, in Port Richey…

At a boistrous and contentious City Council Meeting, some BIG news:

Port Richey City Council has asked the city attorney to look into the pros and cons of decriminalizing possession of marijuana amounts under 20 grams, by adults.  This does not mean it’s happening, but that Port Richey is at least considering whether such a measure represents a threat to kids, families, and others…Or whether it is a GREATER danger to imprison people for an activity that hurts no one. Garyn Angel made persuasive arguments for decriminalization.

Mr. Angel eloquently argued that locking people up for small amounts of cannabis is wrong, and we should stop doing it.
Mr. Angel eloquently argued that locking people up for small amounts of cannabis is wrong, and we should stop doing it.

Then it got a little crazy…

Erik Soujanen rose to ask a question of the Council, and was treated in a dismissive, arrogant way by City Manager Jim Mathieu.  Mr. Soujanen was asked to leave the meeting, and then Port Richey police were ordered to remove him from the premesis.

Today’s interview with Corey Cottrell and Erik Soujanen covers that conflict, and more.

All the requested variances by Whiskey Joe’s were approves, some with conditions, and it looks like they now have approval to build a multi million dollar dining and drinking establishment in the WOD.

I was frankly NOT impressed by the difference in treatment from the stated “We’ll bend over backwards to help you!” offered to Whiskey Joe’s, compared to Erik Soujanen being ejected for seeking clarification of the standards for permits for live music in the Waterfront Overlay District.  It seems like bad news, to me, that a business owner who has already sunk big money into waterfront development is treated shabbily AT THE SAME MEETING where the Mayor was so ingratiating to the folks from Whiskey Joe’s.

At an often boisterous and contentious City Council Meeting, all requested variances for Whiskey Joe's were approved, and Erik Soujanen, owner of Gill Dawg was kicked out of the meeting.
At an often boisterous and contentious City Council Meeting, all requested variances for Whiskey Joe’s were approved, and Erik Soujanen, owner of Gill Dawg was kicked out of the meeting.