So Local Pasco Podcast, Friday, June 17th. Missed Opportunity Edition.

Not good at ALL.
Not good at ALL.

This screen is NOT what you want to see when you return to your studio to edit what may be the most challenging and important podcast you’ve ever done.  Not at ALL.  But that’s what happened.

So, like the Apollo 13 engineering crew, I moved the studio to the emergency laptop for tonight…It’s 5am as I write this.

I’m sure today’s podcast is going to hurt some feelings.  That’s unfortunate.  I am sure some folks will decide that I set out to hurt people’s feelings, and that’s unfortunate.  Because I did not.

I agonized over what and how to express what’s in the podcast.  While my view IS expressed, it is not just my view.  I know, because I asked folks, to make sure I wasn’t being unreasonable (it can happen).  Quite a few people were unhappy to have the deliberate targeting of LGBT community members discounted as the reason for the attackat Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

I want to make sure I say this:

I don’t think anyone deliberately set out to leave our local LGBT community feeling bad, but many who spoke up DO feel bad about what was and wasn’t said at the vigil on Thursday.

But please…Listen to the podcast.  I worked very hard to make myself clear, and to distinguish my voice from the voices of those MOST aggrieved by the slaughter in Orlando:  Members of the LGBT community, who were directly and savagely targeted, attacked, and gunned down.  Gay people.  In a gay club.  During Gay Pride Week.


The 500 or so community members who came out to the park made me cry.  It was a LARGE crowd, and a diverse crowd.  I was proud to see people bring their kids.  I was proud to see so MANY friends from the LGBT community.  The laying of flowers on the wreath was beautiful, and somber, and intimate.

It’s probably going to fall on deaf ears…But thank you to the organizers for making the effort.  On short notice, on the fly, tough job.

Here are some photos from the Vigil at Sims Park on Thursday, June 17th, 2016…

I just can’t help feeling this was a missed opportunity.  We can do better.


5 thoughts on “So Local Pasco Podcast, Friday, June 17th. Missed Opportunity Edition.”

  1. Really great job tackling the issues here, Greg. Your thoughts are well-articulated and you show respect, consideration, and compassion to everyone. These are qualities I wish more people had.

    Thank you for all you do!

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