So Local Pasco Podcast, June 13th, 2016. Orlando Support Edition

We can do better.  We can BE better.  We can show support, love, and understanding for people different from ourselves, our families.  We can respect and value people who speak different languages from us…Those that believe differently than we do.

I feel like several times, Sunday, my values and attitudes were called into question.  It was an uncomfortable feeling.  As the day unfolded, I spent quite a bit of time on social media…As I do MOST days.  Remember, Sunday is my Monday.  By afternoon, I am busy trying to nail down what the show for MONDAY will be about.

So, it was, to an extent, unavoidable.  And I am feeling a bit defensive about my posts, and my thoughts, and my writings, tonight.  I got told that I was “being negative” when I challenged some posts, and some ‘information’ about the Orlando shootings.  Maybe not being negative but…”Contributing to the negative”.  What the hell?

Look:  Bad ideas are bad ideas.  We should talk about them.  If we are sitting around, and YOU say, “I am going to drink this gallon of bleach!” and I say, “What the HELL, buddy, that is a terrible idea, and you will DIE!”.…I am not being negative.  I am not contributing to the negative.  I am telling you THAT IS A BAD IDEA.

Here’s a couple of bad ideas I heard, today:


No, dude.  That is a horrible racist destructive idea.  I am not a negative person for calling you on that…I am a good person for calling you on it.

2) “It’s time we ban these Muslim animals!  They are trying to bring war to our country, and kill us all!”

See…again:  I am NOT a negative person for calling you on this.  YOU are a negative person for bringing it up!  Furthermore, let’s do some simple math, here.  Here’s a list of our ‘enemies’ from the last hundred or so years (only the big ones).  Japan. Germany.  The Soviet Union. The Taliban.  Saddam Hussein’s government, and some of the Iraqi Army.

Listen:  If Tojo, and Hitler, and Bin Laden and Stalin did not find a way to kill us all…DESPITE their massive resources…I am PRETTY SURE ISIS can’t, either.

Furthermore, how do you BAN CITIZENS?  What does that look like?  From where I sit, it looks like Germany in the 1930s.

I’m negative?  No, I am pretty positive we sound like a bunch of scared crybabies when we scream about an existential threat from the TINY minority of Muslims who wish to harm us.

Enough already.  Calling out BAD IDEAS and LIES is not negative, unless you are invested in the bad ideas and lies.

So, let’s move on to positive things:

THOUSANDS of people in the Orlando Metro area showed up, today, to donate blood.  They waited in lines for HOURS.  Some of them were Muslims fasting for Ramadan, which means they were not able to eat to recover from donating.

My friend Phil Beckelheimer took this photo of folks waiting HOURS to donate blood in Orlando, Sunday.
My friend Phil Beckelheimer took this photo of folks waiting HOURS to donate blood in Orlando, Sunday.

Friends from our LOCAL community were out donating, as well…These folks are from Spring Hill:
donated locallyHere is a list of places YOU can donate blood, this week.  The regional supply is low, so please do this if you can:


New Port Richey Donor Center
5355 US Highway 19 North
New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone: (727) 819-3100

Zephyrhills Donor Center
38040 Market Square Dr
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
Phone: (813) 788-4625

Wesley Chapel Donor Center
5319 Village Market
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Phone: (813) 929-6500

In the podcast, I asked for folks to consider donating blood, and showing support for our LOCAL LGBT community…Perhaps by volunteering to keep them safe at upcoming Gay Pride events.

Equality Florida Action Inc is seeking volunteers for the Saturday Gay Pride parade in St. Pete.  Contact ANY Equality Florida chapter to volunteer.

SupportReach out for help if you need someone to talk to:

Loved and Wanted

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