So Local Pasco Podcast, June 3rd, 2016. Messengers of Hope Edition.


Bob Gardner, Executive Director of Messengers of Hope Mission.
Bob Gardner, Executive Director of Messengers of Hope Mission.

It’s getting WORSE.”  The most sobering thing anyone has yet said to me, on So Local Pasco.  It’s getting WORSE.  That’s a dedicated volunteer’s assessment of our homeless problem, here in Pasco County.  I was really looking for some good news.  There is some good news, and we’ll get to that.

You’ll notice a couple of things, in the podcast, today…I stripped out the commercial spots.  I took off my advertising come on from the end. Heck, I even skipped (mostly) the weather.

I tried everything I could think of to get this podcast under 20 minutes.  I could not cut the interview, at all.  It is that important.
Bob Gardner, the Executive Director of “Messengers of Hope Mission” came ready for the talk, today.  He was passionate, well spoken, organized, and READY.  Some of the things he is going to share are going to make some of you uncomfortable…And I think that’s a good thing.

Breakfast meetings where earnest folks talk about homelessness, and programs that help…That is not all there is.  At ground level, there are folks who pack lunches in their own kitchens, and use their own vehicles, to go out into the woods along U.S.19, Little Road, and Moon Lake Road to serve the homeless.  To bring them food, and comfort, and a little hope.

That’s the good news…That someone is doing it.  And I am afraid that is all of the good news.

Messengers of Hope Mission has some specific needs.  A building to serve from, because it strains a family to have this service work take over a home.  A vehicle to deliver food from.  And food.  Always, always food.  Bob lists, in the interview, the kinds of material support they need…Please listen, and respond.

You can visit their website, at the link below, and read a blog about the mission, and you can find contact information, and lists of what is needed.

Messengers of Hope Mission

Here are some photos of the Messengers at work, caring for our homeless brothers and sisters.

Listen carefully…I heard a whole lot of crowing about the ban on selling papers in the medians of local highways.  Bob and several other people who work with the homeless are SURE this is having a negative effect on the poorest among us.  Losing this revenue stream has NOT been good news for the homeless.

Contact Messengers of Hope:

Messengers Of Hope Mission
Po Box 732, Odessa, FL 33556

Let’s please keep an eye on the weather, this weekend…A tropical airmass over the Gulf has the potential to develop into a depression or even a tropical storm…But regardless of that happening, we are likely to get extremely heavy rains, in the early part of next week.  I’ll do my best to post information and links, but remember…Ultimately, YOU are responsible for safety in severe weather!

A pretty terrifying rainfall estimate!
A pretty terrifying rainfall estimate!


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