So Local Pasco Podcast, Monday, May 30th, 2016. Memorial Day Edition

A very short blog entry today, I promise.  It is almost 4am, and I am about to put the show to bed…We are planning an afternoon of boating on the gulf, so I need to get some sleep.

The Memorial Day rant…I think it’s important that we understand, accurately, what the holiday is for:  To honor and show our respect to those who died in military service to our country.  Two things you can do, today, to help maintain continuity in remembrance:

1) Pause, whatever your family activities, today, at 3pm.  Ask your family and friends to join you in a moment of silent contemplation of the true cost of being a democracy…For those that serve in our military.  Consider the crushing burden of losing a son, or a daughter, in defense of freedom.  Remember our brave and honored dead.

2) Post this poem…Perhaps explain it to your kids.  Remind them that the poet, a young soldier himself, was killed in battle before the war he wrote about ended.


Wrap up on Bonnie:

Bonnie was downgraded to a depression shortly before landfall, Sunday.  The remnants will now move slowly NORTH along the Atlantic Seaboard, so the biggest continuing risk is heavy rain.

Let that be our signal to be vigilant, and be prepared, for tropical weather HERE…The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts  Wednesday.

Expected track of Bonnie remnants.
Expected track of Bonnie remnants.

Excellent current radar mosaic of Bonnie remnants can be found


And, as always…Jay’s Hurricane Page is my ‘go to’ for weather links, and radar and satellite imagery.


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