Music Cast Postponed Until Sunday…Sorry Ian and Lee!

We will publish the music cast on SUNDAY, this week.
We will publish the music cast on SUNDAY, this week.

Okay, I admit it.  Technology kicked my ass, overnight.  I’ve been having some trouble with the studio PC freezing up…Not enough RAM for the file sizes I have been using.  In fact, I ordered more memory for the rig last week…And got the wrong RAM, had to re-order.  Anyway, at about 4:30 this morning, it became necessary to reboot the PC, and I lost the file that had been rendering for an hour.

I guess it’s a good sign when workload begins to outgrow your tools!  It means we are the best kind of busy:  Creative, processor hog busy.

So, here is where we stand.  I will post the Music Cast sometime on Sunday (Of all things, I have a wedding to attend, Saturday, and won’t be back til late in the evening).

My apologies to Ian Doubt and Lee Seltman…We have really fun stuff with them.

Special mention to Encore Music…They will be sponsoring the Music Cast, and we are excited to have them on board.

Again, my apologies (this is only the 2nd time in over 100 podcasts that we’ve had a misfire).  If I was not gone all day Saturday, I feel confident I could have fired off the cast…But, alas, we are on the road all day.

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