So Local Saturday MUSIC Cast, March 26th, 2016. Fifty Grit Edition

WARNING!  The Saturday Music Cast may contain discussions of sex, drugs, and rock and roll…It is NOT intended for children.*

*but if you are learning guitar, and you’re 13, we TOTALLY get why you’d WANT to listen.

A quick word about the interview…I left in some of the preamble…The band and I discussing things.  It was great fun, and the best part, for me, is watching how they chide each other, and goof around.  When I asked how they were doing, as friends (because remaining friends when you play together is not ALWAYS easy)…Conrad and Ray both said “It’s like brothers…”  In fact, Kirk may have said it, too, and I might have missed it.  It’s CLEAR these guys have a long, comfortable history with each other…Even Kirk, who was late to the group.  Conrad and Ray have known each other almost forty years.  I felt like you would get what I was doing…I want you to know how these interviews come together.  It’s a fun endeavor…To give them some direction, but even more latitude to wander, and discuss whatever they wanted…Which, at one point, included Pat Calabrese‘s pajama issues.  *shrugs*

Check this out…Conrad and Ray in 1977.  That’s a LOT of hair, right there.  They look like extras from Dazed and Confused:

1977, Rhode Island.
1977, Rhode Island.

This is the band, in 2014:

Looking older, but a LOT more confident.
Looking older, but a LOT more confident.

You can catch Ray, Conrad, and Kirk at the Chasco Fiesta, this year…They are on the schedule for  Wednesday, April 6th,  from 6:30 to 8pm!

Catch a set of good old LOUD rock and roll at the Chasco Fiesta...Second year in a row!
Catch a set of good old LOUD rock and roll at the Chasco Fiesta…Second year in a row!

Like always, a quick technical disclaimer:  I am still working out how to use the versatile tools at my disposal…I am convinced my portable recorder is smarter than I am.  I had to ride levels in editing, despite ALL of us being mic’d…And the vocal levels on one of the songs were low.  Not sure why, since they were fine on the OTHER song, which we actually recorded first.  It’s a learning process…But the important thing is that they are understandable, and funny, and have a great story.  Enjoy Fifty Grit.

Back in two weeks with another music cast.

If you or someone you know would like to be on the Saturday Music Cast, contact me at [email protected].

I am seeking an underwriting sponsor for this show, as well…It would be a great way to show your support for local, live music.



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