So Local Pasco Podcast, March 22nd, 2016. Take Stock Tuesday Edition

This thing I am doing…It is kind of a solitary process.  I know, you think of it as social because I am out meeting, greeting, interviewing, and conversing with folks nearly every day.  But what I DO to make this show…The decisions I make, are mine, and mine alone.  Since not many (any?) locals have tried to do what I am doing, there is not much of a data set on what works, and what does not.

So, when I want to try something, I am often left to my own wisdom, such as it is.  That said, I have made some GOOD decisions…a few duds, but my instincts have been pretty good, and my ‘skill set’ from broadcast radio DOES have some application in what I do.
I try to sit down, once a week, and take stock of where I am.  How I am doing.  Are the things I spend my time on making the podcast better, or increasing its reach?  For the past seven weeks, I have been going to Tampa Bay Multimedia, downtown, and making a TV show.  My thinking was that it would, perhaps, increase the traffic to the podcast…Note that I never had in mind that the TV show would replace the podcast.

Nikki Dermott came by and sang for us on So Local Pasco TV...
Nikki Dermott came by and sang for us on So Local Pasco TV…

I think we did pretty well…The production people at TBMM have been great with me.  They know I was very green and uncomfortable with TV (I still am, after only seven shows).  Anyway, I just wasn’t getting more of the ‘groove’ feeling that I love.  Like I am in a zone, and have some control over the quality of what I am doing.  I am used to a bit of immediate ‘feedback’, in the form of listening to what I am making through headphones as I make it.  That isn’t there, in video.  The lack of input wasn’t comfortable for me.  Maybe if I had done more stage work, as a kid?

So I am letting go of the TV show, effective immediately.  I’m a little bummed, but not much.  Maybe that’s a sign I wasn’t invested in it enough to do it justice. This is just not the right time for me to divide focus.

The audio work, though…The interviews…And especially sitting right where I am, now…Late at night, making the thing…that is where my heart is.  Even this writing feels fantastic.

This view, right here. Web on the left, podcast audio on the right.


I want to do better at it, all the time.  I want to start earlier. Say more. WRITE more. Hone the show.  Improve the music.  Make more promo spots to amuse you.  Improve the website.  Record more music interviews.  Record more music.   Actually go to more of the events I promote, and enjoy them.

So that is what I will do.  I am supposed to be doing what “I” want, and trusting that you’ll want to come along.  So I will do that.

Late late. Fish tank glow. Writing it out.  Coffee strong.  This is that thing I love.
Late late. Fish tank glow. Writing it out. Coffee strong. This is that thing I love.

Please participate in the events that we promote!  Let these folks know that you appreciate them selling beer in the rain, or donating for raffle baskets, or making preserves from local fruits and produce!  Join me…Join US.


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