So Local Pasco Programming NOTE Post, March 19th, 2016

You may have noticed by now (at least fifteen people have contacted me to ask) that the TV show never appeared on YouTube, this evening. I did not really get a chance to check on it til after midnight, Friday night/this morning…I was out catching a few bands at local gigs.

The process of uploading the massive video file to YouTube severs is time consuming, and dependent on some complex factors.  I messaged the tech guys around 8pm to inquire, and was told the upload time was uncertain.  Since I did not re-check it til now, we are out of luck til tomorrow.

I expect as soon as the TBMM guys see the issue, they will get the show on the road, as they say.  My apologies to those that were waiting to see it…I will post across all platforms as SOON as I know the video is available.

But we really DID make a show!  See?

Making acoustic music
Making acoustic music
Jim Hunsberger sat on a crab, apparently.

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