So Local Pasco Podcast, February 2nd, 2016. R.I.P. Mister Verge Edition


Tonight, we say goodbye to Mister Verge…Local artist, educator and mentor Clay Verge has passed away.

Update on the Hacienda Hotel restoration project, and welcoming our newest sponsor, The Rockin’ Tiki Hut, out on State Road 52, just west of Colony Road!

Kat wants to make the Rockin' Tiki a "Go To" for the local music scene...and WE can help her do it.
Kat wants to make the Rockin’ Tiki a “Go To” for the local music scene…and WE can help her do it.

We hope you have a safe Tuesday, and don’t forget to join us for Open Mic Night at the HandleBar, up in Hudson!


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