So Local Pasco Podcast, January 26th, 2016…Calendar Filling Up Edition

There are worse problems to have, I suppose!  But looking for a spot, today, I can really see my calendar filling up fast for February.

The podcast tonight is just a sample of the events I will be at in the weeks ahead.

I’m beginning to get commitment friction…Where I tell everybody “Yes, I will be there”, and then get the cold sweats if I over commit myself.  If I do that to you, please be kind.  I have not found a suitable intern, yet.  So much is happening. I know there will be ‘pop up’ events, as well.  I want to be there, and be involved, but I can’t be everywhere.

Now, you could, if you wanted, send me pics of events that I don’t catch…If you take an extraordinary picture, send it along, and we’ll see you get credit if we use it.  We are certainly not ready to start paying for them, yet.

Technical note:  Higher bitrate and sample rate, on today’s podcast…Curious to know if you can tell the difference.

Below is a quick gallery of photos and events from the past week:

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