So Local Pasco Blog Post, January 24th, 2016. Milestones Edition

I did a dumb thing the first day I posted audio to So Local Pasco. I called on “The Power of Fark” too soon.  Let me ‘splain:

I am a member of a rather large, boisterous web community called  Once in awhile, the community ‘visits’ an internet website, all at once, and when that happens, servers melt, dogs and cats live together, anarchy reigns, and it is hilarious.  Wherever groups of “Farkers”, as we know each other, gather, there is a temptation and a tendency to show up and raise merry hell, if asked.

What a Farker might look like.
What a Farker might look like.

So I simply put a post in the Facebook Group where the Farkers live, and a BUNCH of them hit the site on day one.  That was a mistake.  I want what I do to be relevant to local users, local readers, and local businesses.  Hits from Guam, and Camp Pendleton, and Anchorage, Alaska do NOT do local business owners much good.  (There are a few Farkers who continue to subscribe, because we are all internet citizens, too, and we want to help our friends succeed).

So I COULD artificially inflate my numbers, to look big for advertisers…But I just can’t do that.  I want LOCAL numbers.
Anyway, the numbers were all over the place in December…Some days booming (Rick Hess from Pasco Kids First was very popular), some days, not so much.  Christmas and New Years were also sporadic…Hard to build a plan on holiday numbers.

But then, right after New Years, a couple of things changed.  First, we got back to a sort of normal five day work week ‘flow’.  Numbers stabilized, though small.  My writing improved.  People started to give me feedback, and I relaxed, and the PODCASTS improved.

A few good POPS from friends like Tina Latanowich and Jeremiah Halversen, and we have been over 100 downloads every day.  We also have passed 150 susbscribers…That means 200-300 people per day are hearing the podcast.  There are a LOT more people checking it out via Facebook.  The number of daily listeners is probably even higher.

Saturday, the So Local Pasco FB ‘page’ reached 100 likes, and the So Local Pasco Timeline page passed 200 Friends.  My personal page generates a ton, as well, since I post everything to that page, as well.

We are going to approach ten thousand listeners per month, very soon…And we have not even started the streaming TV show, yet.
We are meeting and exceeding our target, every day.  I hand craft the podcast, and the blog posts, personally, five days a week.  It has become a craft to me, again, and I like it.  I am writing almost every day, now…At least 300 words.  That’s new, I’ve never been a very disciplined writer…But making a daily podcast means write or die.

It appears that what I am writing and recording is resonating with the people who read or listen…Or the numbers would be falling away.  Those “obligatory support” listeners will only remain if they like what they hear…And it appears that some folks are sticking around.

So, thank you, for sticking around.  Tell your friends.  Ask questions!

We are about to hit a moment when I will be looking for other voices to join me.  Is that you, maybe?  Do you have a desire to try what I am doing?  Contact me at [email protected], if it is.  Let’s see if we can work something out.

Remember, I’ll be out at The HandleBar in Hudson Sunday for Lawless Intent, and the DonV Birthday Bash.




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