So Local Podcast Weekend Special Blog…Music Stuff

What’s special about it?  No podcast, on Saturday.

I have had a whirlwind week or two, here at So Local Pasco.  A bunch of cool stuff going on…Lots of information, lots of action, lots of attention.

Here’s the one thing I wanted to say, in this post:

I was wrong about something.  Several somethings, actually, but here’s a big one:

We have a much more active music scene than I thought.  There’s reasons for why I thought otherwise, but most of them sound defensive and mitigating.  I just flat was NOT going out and looking for our music scene.

As I write this, it is around 2am, Sunday morning.  Since Friday afternoon, I have seen five live music shows:  Two open mic nights, and three different bands:  The Bullfrogs, The Evil Monkey Band, and The Bearded Brothers.  The crowds Friday and Saturday nights at HandleBar and the VFW were big.  Capacity crowds.  I had to park in the boonies for both.

Now, here’s a thing I believe in, and will be working toward:

These are OUR musicians.  Yes, that’s right.  They are our resource.  Our artists.  Our creative soul.  Mostly.  I think that ONE guy is just in it for the chicks.  Whatever.  Point is, WE need to take care of them.  Back in the old days, there were ‘patrons’ of the arts.  They were very wealthy people who actually just paid for artists (musicians among them) to….Live.  That’s right.  They didn’t get paid for A painting, they got paid for painting.  Their living expenses were part of the agreement they made to provide paintings, or music, or great gardens, or mansions.

ARTISANS were an important class in any advanced culture.

But we don’t have that, here.  We don’t have a system of patrician support for the arts.  We have US.  We have to make the music scene better, if we want it.  And the visual arts scene, and the theater scene.

Let’s make a SCENE.

Our musicians and artists in Pasco County are almost ALL working other jobs to support their art.  Well, it is ours, too, if they choose to share it with us.  We need to remember the bravery and talent it takes to create something for the pure enjoyment of others, and to remember the RISK of failure.  It is incrediby hard work. They are constantly scrambling to find members to fill in with the band due to work commitments and other things…I know one guy who is ready to create a robot drummer, to avoid the frustration of finding human drummers.  Look on Craigslist:  Hundreds of musical instruments being sold, as people give up.

We can do a better job of supporting local arts, of all kinds…I just happen to be on a local music mission, right now.

I watched a bar band play Hocus Pocus, by Focus, today.  That takes a kind of bravery I can’t even describe.  It’s an instrumental hard rock song from the seventies, with YODELING in it.  A band in Hudson played that, on a Saturday afternoon.  I’m not sure I have EVER heard that song played by a bar band.  The crowd LOVED.IT.  We need to give our artists the room to take chances, and try new things.

If you don’t think that is as important as hearing a bar band play Takin’ Care of Business, remember this one thing:

The last big music act to break out of Pasco County was the Bellamy Brothers…In 1975.  I’ll wait, while you count the decades.

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